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What to pack for vacation

With the upcoming vacation season comes the ultimate question, what should you pack? If you are unsure what to bring with you on your vacation this summer here are some must have vacay styles!

Linen pants

Girl in linen pants

Nothing says vacation vibes like linen. Whether you are traveling through the Greek islands, eating gelato in Italy, or enjoying the beaches in the south of France, linen pants are a must in your vacation wardrobe.

Maxi dresses

Girl in polka dot dress

A flowy yet comfortable dress will make any long day wandering around new cities even better. Maxi dresses add a formal aspect to a casual outfit, and paired with some sandals will be a necessity on your next vacation. You can even rent the one on the left on rax!


Girl in white dress

It would not be a vacay wardrobe must have without adding in white, the staple summer colour.

Girl in floral dress


Nothing says summer vacation like a floral pattern.

Micro shorts

Girl in leather outfit

Last year we saw the trend of dad shorts, or shorts that land around your knees. This year it's all about the micro short.


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