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our story

There was once a girl who was looking for a dress to wear to a friends wedding. Instead of buying a dress and wearing it once, she borrowed a dress from a friend and thought... how could this be done on a larger scale? We all have a closet full of clothes we'd love to make money on and on the other hand, we often want to wear items once or for a couple of months. Meet the founder, Marley Alles. Upon discovering the horrible ethical and environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry, at age 25,  Marley set out to make a difference by empowering individuals to become their own entrepreneurs, sustainably.



rax is a community-driven marketplace that redefines the way we consume fashion without hurting your wallet, while saving the planet


rax empowers consumers to make & save money on clothing while reducing negative environmental, social, governance impacts of the fashion industry

Image by Charisse Kenion
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