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Birthday outfit ideas

Celebrate your birthday in the best way, with a brand new look! Your birthday is your time to celebrate you! So, when you’re planning that night out with your friends or family here are some ideas:

Girl in red sparkly dress

Sequins and sparkle

It’s your special day, so why not sparkle a little extra. Try adding some glitter or sequins to your outfit and make your day even more memorable.

You can rent this Hello Molly dress for $15 on rax.

Girl in red mini dress

Night-out mini dress

A birthday is the perfect excuse for a mini dress (plus you can comfortably dance the night away)!

You can rent this Reformation dress for $30 on rax.

Pink princess dress

Dress to the max(i)

Go big or go home is a perfectly acceptable approach to picking out any outfit, let alone for your big day! If mini dresses aren’t your style why not show off with a gorgeously stunning maxi dress with a little poof made for a birthday queen.

You can rent this dress for $52 on rax.

Low-rise baggy jeans

The last few years were all about high rise. Now, we're seeing all the rage with low-rise baggy jeans. With a nice top any pair of jeans can be a party outfit.

Girl in pink midi dress

Barbie pink

Hi Barbie! Celebrate your birthday with the most iconic colour there is, barbie pink! Add pink in your top, your shoes, or even your hair with fun accessories, anything that makes you feel like the most special gal in the world.

You can rent this superdown dress for $40 on rax

Multi-colour fun

Show-off a little flare with a mix and match of colour in your outfit. Whether the dress is made perfectly with an array of stunning colours, or you mix up a top and bottom and make it work, nothing says a night of fun quite like a colourful outfit.

Girl in blazer and jeans

Blazers for days

For the formal gal looking for an outfit compromise, then why not try a blazer. For an extra fun look you could choose a new pattern or even match your top and bottom to the blazer for something monochromatic. You can accomplish anything on a night-out with friends in this work-chic outfit.

Whatever you choose to wear, never forget to enjoy your day!


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