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Winter 2022/23 fashion trends

With the holiday season quickly approaching here are some of the top style trends you'll see everywhere this winter!

Leather sets

A trend carrying on from the fall, from jackets to skirts, you'll be decked out in all leather everything.

Here are my favourite leather options you can rent out on rax:


Corsets were the IT item of the summer but winter is bringing a new way to wear them - layered!

A corset and matching shorts you can rent out or buy on rax:

Cargo pants

Cargo pants are so versatile with leather jackets, sweaters, crop tops and more! The perfect easy statement pant.

Cargo pant available for rent on rax:

Faux fur

One of my favourite ways to wear fur this winter is a shearling jackets! Rent out this one on rax.

Business style

I love blazers and dress pants for any season but it's great for the colder months where you want layers but still want to look chic!

Business formal items to rent on rax:

Bold shoulders

Shoulder pads are a great way to elevate any outfit.


Cowgirl fashion isn't just for the summer! Try subbing a pair of black cowboy boots in any of your outfits and chances are - you'll love it.

Western inspired fits to rent out on rax:


Maxi skirts are a great way to add warmth while still looking chic!

Maxi skirt to rent out on rax:

90s minimalism

Simple, classic and so easy! Looks like these will never go out of style.


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