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What to wear to a summer wedding

The summer wedding season is officially upon us, but as a guest what does that mean for you? What it doesn’t have to mean is spending a lot of money on a dress that you might only wear once. For this wedding season, why not try renting your dress to save your wallet and your time with the ease of these options on rax!

Destination wedding

A destination wedding is a perfect time to bring out the tropical patterns and loose-flowing dresses to feel comfortable in the hot weather.

You can rent the Rat & Boa Navarra Dress for $80 from rax

Black tie

Different venues call for different outfits. For example, if your wedding is in a large banquet hall instead of outside, it's always a good idea to dress for the venue (and for the bride and grooms ask of the dress code!). There is nothing more sophisticated than a black tie dress code and for a formal venue this dress will match perfectly with the environment for simplicity and elegance.

You can rent this Bardot dress for $49.99 from rax

Pastels for the summer season

Summer weddings have the added benefit of hot weather and stunning colours in nature as the season flows from spring. If your wedding is going to be an outdoor event, pastel dresses are so fun!

You can borrow this House of CB dress for $74 from rax

You can rent this Revolve dress for $70 from rax

You can rent this House of CB corset dress for $70 from rax


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