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Top Canadian sustainable fashion brands

Waste is at the heart of fashion. We live in a culture consumed by the desire to own the latest and greatest products but on average a piece of clothing is only worn 7 times. Close to 100 million garments of clothing are made a year, but not all of these reach the consumer. In fact, three out of five of these garments will end up in landfill, rather than a wardrobe. Fast fashion made from cheap materials without consideration for working or environmental conditions is unethical and unsustainable. The majority of products in the fashion industry are made in undeveloped countries with child labour, slavery conditions, low wages and exaggerated working hours. Canadian’s are increasingly becoming conscious of who made their clothes, the conditions in which they were produced and the environmental impact of production.

Feel good shopping with the below ethical and sustainable brands. For updates on environmental/sustainable products, follow our Instagram.

Wandwoods is a Vancouver-based sustainable cottagecore fashion brand. I absolutely fell in love with how unique the brand is and the emphasis they place on sustainable and ethical production. Wandwoods defines cottagecore as a concept that pursues a simpler, sustainable existence that is more harmonious with nature. aesthetically, it’s a nod to the traditional English countryside style, romantic and nostalgic, like the tales of Jane Austen. For the founder, Natalia, it was a transformation, a path to discovering her true-self, an encounter with a lost sense of happiness found in the little things in life.

Bohème began as a curation of vintage in 2016 and has since evolved into an in house slow fashion label by founder Sarah Shabacon. Each garment is made in Canada from natural fabrics, in effortless silhouettes for all our bodies. Bohème actively makes donations to The Native Women's Association of Canada and leftover stock at the end of each season is donated to local DV Shelters.

Ecologyst makes clothes right at their HQ in Victoria, BC. They have a "repair for life" program where you can bring your ecologyst items which helps avoid overproducing new products. By repairing a garment and extending the lifespan by just 9 months, we can reduce our impact by 20-30%.

Made in Canada - their manufacturer values local and sustainable production here in Toronto, Canada. Àmoi is contributing to a sustainable community to reduce waste and the pressure to over produce a collection, in order to meet the demands of the traditional minimum quantities. Creating a collection that embodies a luxury appearance without contributing to fast-fashion  practices is one of the main priorities  for Àmoi.

Mimi Island offers the cutest loungewear. All designs are knit, dyed and sewn locally in Toronto, Ontario. Not only do they support fair wages, good working conditions and lower carbon emissions from local transportation, but they see first-hand how their loungewear is being made. They are involved through each step of the design and manufacturing process to guarantee the highest quality. Their products contain 90% TENCEL™ Modal fibers with Eco Soft & Micro technologies, for a better approach to comfort and sustainability. TENCEL™ fibers are the ingredient of choice for designers focused on a better approach to comfort. Born from nature with a silky-soft texture, TENCEL™ unveils a new standard of conscious fashion. A touch of TENCEL™ is as good as it makes you feel.


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