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  • Megan

Summer trends for 2024

Now it's time to discuss the most talked-about fashion topic of the season - what are this summer's trends? Well, we've got you! From Vogue to Glamour, we have put together THE list of trends that you need for the summer fashion season.

White dresses
Girl wearing a white summer dress

It's not labour day yet - although we don't believe in that rule ;), so now is the perfect time to play with a bright colour (that looks great with your summer tan ofc!), and what better way to do so than in a dress - a true summer staple. Whether you're city-bound or sitting beachside, this is a must-wear trend for the summer.

Kitten heels
Black kitten heels

Never forget when 6-inch heels were the trend (think The Real Housewives circa 2010). We (& our feet) are so happy to see kitten heels back on trend. Whether you'll be spending your days in the office or out at parties, a kitten heel will be your best friend. These shoes feature a short heel that is perfect for style and comfort. Paired with a nice dress or a pair of trousers, these heels are the perfect addition to any outfit.

Girl in sparkly silver skirt

Another trend we're so happy to see back are sparkles & shimmers - specifically we've been seeing it a lot in mini skirts. Shimmers are the perfect fabric for those fun summer nights (preferably strolling the streets of Italy).

Raffia bags and shoes
Raffia and straw beach bag

Often a summer staple, raffia materials are the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether you're at the beach or a winery, go with a classic bag for the occasion or a pair of shoes to tie the look together, this material will help make your outfit scream summer.

Roses everywhere
Girl wearing a rose patterned top

Flowers are synonymous with warm weather, so why not incorporate them into your outfits! We've seen this trend last year too and it's here to stay. This pattern pairs effortlessly with your best pair of trousers or jeans and fits the summer vibes so well.


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