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Spring fashion must-have styles

Spring is in the air and we can’t get over the new season’s trends! Want some more ideas on how to switch up your style for the spring feels? Here are a few must-haves!


Maybe you’ve seen the coquette trend going around on TikTok, but there are so many fun ways to incorporate bows and pink in your outfit, and not just your hair.


An aesthetic straight from an Ivy League college campus, and it looks great on everyone. If bows are not your style, why not add a nice plaid skirt or oxford shirt to your wardrobe.

Statement Belts

Stand out with your spring looks by adding a statement belt to any outfit. A statement belt can turn any clothing item into a nice outfit for everyday wear.

Sky Blues

When we think of spring colours pink always comes to mind, but sky blues are just as beautiful to wear while walking in the great weather of the spring season.

Ballet Flats

Footwear matters just as much as the clothes you wear, and flats are now your best friends. Comfort meets ease with ballet flats, so why not consider adding some to your closet this spring.


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