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How to dress for your euro summer

It's that time of year when vacations have us all excited to escape the city for a summer getaway. And with those vacations, you're probably wondering what to pack! Here are our suggestions for what to wear on your European summer vacation.

Maxi skirts

Linen skirt

A popular choice for so many when you're looking for a clothing item that is both chic and comfortable, so why not add it to your suitcase! These skirts can be paired with any top and sandals, and will ensure that you perfectly match the aesthetic for your European summer.

Linen everywhere

Girl dressed in linen on European beach

A must-wear fabric for the hot European sun. Whether you choose a pair of white linen pants, a blue linen top, or a matching two-piece set, this fabric is the perfect choice to wear while walking around the streets or beaches of Europe.

Sundresses for summer

floral dress

We know you have a few sundresses tucked away in your closet just waiting to be worn, and vacation is the perfect place! A sundress is a perfectly chic and sweet option for your European vacation that will make sure you are cooled off from the summer sun and always looking your best. Bonus points if its linen!

Tie-up tops

Girl wearing a floral top

A new trend is here, and you can get in on it too! These tie-up tops have been viral online for their cute look that is absolutely perfect for a European vacation. These tops also go great with a pair of linen pants or a maxi skirt.

Say yes to butter yellow

Girl wearing a yellow dress next to water

Name me a better colour for the summer, I'll wait. This colour looks perfect under the summer sun, on the beach, or walking around cobblestone streets. Whether you pack a dress or a top, having a yellow item in your suitcase is always a perfect addition to bring some sunshine to your summer outfits.

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