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Fall 2022 fashion trends

With fall in full swing, here are the top fashion trends we can't get enough of!

Lots of leather

The leather trend is here to stay this year, so keep your Melina pants! This year we're seeing a lot of leather on leather layering from leather coats, skirts, pants, boots.

Long skirts

I'm obsessed with how easy and effortless the long skirt trend is. Perfect for fall paired with a chunky sweater or boots.

Oversized jackets

Oversized jackets are back in all forms: blazers, leather, bomber, varsity, racer, jean. They are oh so cute and effortless (plus will keep you warm in the cooler months!).

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are back but not in a 2017 thigh highs type of way.

Business casual

I think we have Matilda Djerf to thank for the business casual theme taking off (IYKYK).

Lots of colour

Fall neutrals? Never heard of her. I'm excited colour is here to stay for the fall and not just sticking around for the summer.


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