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What is a colour season? (and how to find yours)!

TikTok continues to show new ways to change up your look, and the latest trend of colour seasons and colour analysis have changed the way we put outfits together. 

Colour seasons refer to the best colours that look good on a person based on their complexion. The idea is that dressing in your colour season by picking colours and tones associated with that season will compliment you the best, so let’s take a look at what your season is!


The winter colour season is characterized by cool and bright tones. A winter has a cool skin tone and a high contrast between features with hair and eye colours being clear and neutral in undertone, such as dark black hair or cool blue eyes. Features may also appear ashy, such as ash brown hair, but overall the cool and clear undertone is what makes winters stand out. Winters look best in a cool-toned palette. Instead of light colours, opt for darker undertones to create a subtle contrast that is very complimentary.


Springs have a warm appearance, with a warm skin tone, however the spring colour season appears bright within their features. There is a medium contrast for springs in their features with a clear and bright undertone. The appearance of spring’s features include warm shades such as strawberry blonde hair and warm green eyes. Springs should look towards dressing in bright and warm-toned colours. Instead of the deep undertones like the winter colour season, spring palettes should look for light undertones to brighten their look.


Summers share the cool-toned of the winter season, but have muted features as opposed to a brighter tone. There is a medium contrast between features for the summer colour season with cool skin tones and soft hair and eye colours, such as grey brown eyes and dark ash brown hair. Summers will be complimented in a cool-toned palette but with lighter undertones. Similar to both the winter and spring colour palettes, the summer colour season is a combination of both a cool and light hue for a muted colour palette.


Autumns have a warmth to their appearance that adds a golden hue to their features. Their is a richness to the shades of their hair and eyes, such as golden hazel eyes or a golden auburn. The autumn’s features have a medium contrast within their appearance but have a noticeable warmth in their skin tone. Autumns look best in a muted and warm colour palette. With the opposite season palette being spring, autumns will be complimented in dark undertones with warmth in the colours.

Dressing within your colour season is believed to be an easy way to put together any outfit that will always look good on you. Sticking to the shades of colours that follow your seasons’ palette will provide a complimentary colour range that will always look great on you.

Want to see how to know your colour season? Check out these TikTok videos explaining how to learn about your best colour palette!


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